SAGE 2019 Awards

The 11th annual SAGE Student Research Conference featured almost 200 poster presentations and 40 oral presentations. Many faculty, staff, and students served as volunteers and judges to help make the SAGE conference a success. In particular, we give special thanks to Betty Ortiz and Michelle Hasendonckx for their dedication. Without them, SAGE would not be possible.  We also thank SAGE Publishing for their generous support of student research and creative activities at CI. Congratulations to all of our students for participating today and modeling the nature of creativity and inquiry. Below are the students who won awards at the Student Research Conference.

Poster Session A

Briana Rotella, “Applied Ethnobotany: Creating an Educational Platform for Community Engagement”

Kayla Stockton, “Concentrated Neighborhood Disadvantage in Ventura County”

Karla Bonilla, “Measuring Concentration of PAHs Across Varying Depths at Carpinteria State Beach”

Poster Session B

Melissa Marovitz, Micaela Lerma, and Patricia Lasiloo, “Microplastics Density Analysis in Maui, Hawaii through Volume Comparison and Concentration via Zooplankton Consumption”

Mayleen Cortez, Andrew Martos, Jonathan Camarillo, and Maria Contreras “Finding Waldo: An Investigation Into the Applications of Machine Learning in Object Detection”

Ashlee Phelps and Celeste Schwartz, “Using Indicator Species to Assess Coral Reef Communities off of Maui’s Western Coast”

Poster Session C

Rhiannan Ruef, “Nonlocal Vector Calculus, Helmholtz Decomposition, and Applications to Materials Sciences”

Nina Scalise and Chase Khedmatgozar, “Screening the effects of brain targeting compounds on sensory behavior and decision-making in C. elegans”

Gabriella Junquera, “Fennel Pollen Networks on Santa Cruz Island via Pollinators.”

Oral Session 1

Jennifer Kause, “Who Owns What? An Analysis of Repatriation Claims of Indigenous Artifacts in Museum Setting”

Shaira Cortez, “Predictors of Drug Related Behavior Among Ethnic Minorities”

Alexis Deryiades & Christine Hajing, “Psychological and Neurological Processes of the Dark Triad”

Deborah Tejeda, “The Local Struggle to Defend the California Sanctuary Law: The Criminalization of SB-54 in Ventura County.”

Oral Session 2

Ashley Owens, “Do Eating and Sleeping Habits Affect Academic Achievement?”

Tracie Schneider and Kellie Kooker, “Special Education Litigation and Privilege Project: Prevailing Parties and the Effects of Change in the Burden of Proof”

Mayleen Cortez, “Combating Tuberculosis Using Time-Dependent Sensitivity Analysis”

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