Resources for students

To help you prepare for the SAGE Student Research Conference, we collected these helpful resources.

Attending a Conference

Presenting at a conference requires multiple steps. Please ensure that you complete each step in the process.

STEP 1: Submit a proposal. At this stage, you are summarizing your research and making the case that your work should be included in the conference schedule. Many conferences are highly competitive. Part of your job is to convince the organizers that some of their limited time be devoted to your work.

STEP 2: Registration. Was your proposal accepted? Great! Now you need to register for the conference. Registration is a separate and distinct part of the process. If you have not registered for SAGE, do that now.

STEP 3: Submit your work. If you are presenting a poster, you will receive instructions on how to submit your work. Free printing is available for posters received by April 29th at 3 PM.

STEP 4: Prepare your presentation. The resources below will help you understand the judging process and prepare you to share your research with conference-goers.

STEP 5: Attend the conference. Be sure to confirm the time and place of your presentation. Show up early to avoid unplanned surprises.

Advice for attending a conference

When you attend a conference you are presenting more than your research–your are presenting yourself. Check out this advice for being prepared to talk with an audience.

This short essay provides some general thoughts on presenting at conferences and some advice.

Presenting a Poster

Creating a poster? Use this link to get poster templates.

At SAGE your poster will be judged. This video familiarizes you with the judging criteria and offers some quick tips for success. Poster sessions last one hour. You must stay with your poster at all times and be prepared with a 90 second to 3-minute description of your research. Please watch the video so that you are well prepared. See the poster scoring rubric.

Oral Presentation

If you are making an oral presentation your presentation will be judged. Presentations should be 10-12 minutes leaving 3-5 minutes for questions. Oral presentation sessions will last about an hour. Be respectful and professional: stay during the entire session. This short video introduces the oral presentation scoring rubric and offers some tips for a successful presentation. See the oral presentation scoring rubric.