SAGE 2019 Awards

The 11th annual SAGE Student Research Conference featured almost 200 poster presentations and 40 oral presentations. Many faculty, staff, and students served as volunteers and judges to help make the SAGE conference a success. In particular, we give special thanks to Betty Ortiz and Michelle Hasendonckx for their dedication. Without them, SAGE would not be….

Resources for SAGE

The SAGE Student Research Conference is right around the corner. To help students prepare the Student Research Advisory Committee has created a resource page. Information and advice about the poster and oral presentation judging, and tips for a successful presentation, can be found on the resource page. by

Celebrating Student Success

With the academic year coming to a close, our students are sharing their research at yearend conferences. The CSU Student Research Competition draws students from all 23 campuses. Christy Teranishi-Martinez accompanied the CI contingent. Her students –Tiona Sykes, Jocelyne Serrano, Adriana Martinez and Avery Lowe–were interviewed by the Chancellor’s Office about their project on multiculturalism….

SAGE Program Available Now!

This program provides basic information. Any changes will reflect in the printed version of the program available on the day of the conference. by