We Are the Channel Islands


The Channel Islands are more than a namesake for our campus. They are a living laboratory. CI has a partnership with the National Park Service allowing CI to maintain a research station on the island,¬†providing access for our faculty and students to engage in research. A recent faculty-mentored student research project,¬†conducted by Senior Anthropology major Victoria Scotti–mentored by our Archaeology faculty and National Park Service archaeologists–focuses on historic era shipwrecks around Channel Islands National Park. The Park is a rich and well-preserved time capsule. The wrecks inside the park boundaries range from Gold Rush era lumber schooners, like the Winfield Scott, to World War II military aircraft like the Grumman Avenger. Documenting their historical value and current role as artificial reefs, this project highlights the public benefits of these cultural assets. This video documents a few of the wrecks, highlighting the opportunities for substantive research available at Channel Islands.

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