SAGE 2017 Redux

The SAGE Student Research Conference was the largest in the history of CI. About 200 posters, 40 oral presentations, and an Art Open House highlighted the festivities. Keynote speaker Bruce Erik Kaplan inspired the audience to believe that what they do can help them achieve their goals.

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Awards for outstanding oral presentations were presented to the following projects and students:

What are the Psychosocial Predictors of Academic Success in First Generation University Students?

By: Oliver Perez, Jeannette Herrera and Roby Ordonez

Mentors: Kimmy Kee-Rose and HyeSun Lee

Scare Tactics: Do Captive Gibbons Respond

Appropriately to Potentially Dangerous Stimuli?

By: Tiffany Darden

Mentors: Colleen Delaney and Mathew Campbell

Assessing the Effect of Game-Based Polynomial Activities

By: Susan Milne

Mentor: Ivona Grzegorczyk

Gendering Crime: When the Criminal Becomes the Offense

By: Caren Scott

Mentor: Robin Mitchell

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