CSU Student Research Competition Finalists


The 2016 CSU Student Research Competition is April 29th and 30th at CSU Bakersfield. Each CSU campus is entitled to send up to 10 projects to represent their campus. An interdisciplinary committee of the Student Research Steering Council selected the following projects to represent CI in Bakersfield. Prior to the competition students will present their work in an open forum. Watch this page for an announcement.

Reily Pratt, “Establishing Giant Brown Kelp as Biosentinel of Environmental Mercury”

Faculty Mentor: Simone Aloisio

Vanessa van Heerden, “Assessing the health of coral reefs in an era of anthropogenic stressors at Aitutaki, Cook Islands”

Faculty Mentor: Sean Anderson

Tevin Schmitt “Ecological Impact of the Refugio Oil Spill on Sandy Beach Systems”

Faculty Mentor: Sean Anderson

Brittany Marberry, “Investigating Individual and Contextual Factors Related to Arrests across Latino Immigrant Generations”

Faculty Mentor: Luis Sanchez

Jazmine Cureno, “Restoring Island History Through Graffiti”

Faculty Mentor: Colleen Delaney

Zosimo Geluz, “Neurocognition and Personality Processes: A Study of the Dark Triad”

Faculty Mentor: Kimmy Kee-Rose

Samantha Freitag, “Analysis of Mercury concentration in cigarettes as a viable source of human absorption of the top two brands sold in the United States”

Faculty Mentor: Simone Aloisio

Cordell   Tarrant, “Just how far will that tweet go? Quantifying the Social Media Impact of United States Senator’s Twitter Activity”

Faculty Mentor: Bryan Tomlin

Maria Pimentel,  “Is Education the Great Equalizer? Comparing the Wages of Native and Immigrant Latinos and Asians in California: 2000-2012”

Faculty Mentor: Luis Sanchez

Ande Murphy & Soraya Zarook, “Humanity for Robots: A Guide to Passing as a Person”

Faculty Mentor: Brad Monsma


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