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Celebrating Student Success – CI Student Research: Faculty-Mentored, Student-Centered

Celebrating Student Success
With the academic year coming to a close, our students are sharing their research at yearend conferences. The CSU Student Research Competition draws students from all 23 campuses. Christy Teranishi-Martinez accompanied the CI contingent. Her students –Tiona Sykes, Jocelyne Serrano, Adriana Martinez and Avery Lowe–were interviewed by the Chancellor’s Office about their project on multiculturalism and diversity at CI.

Our SAGE Student Research Conference featured over 400 student participants. Award winners received special awards created by CI Art students. Catch the highlights below.

Student Success Spotlight

Jazzmyn Martinez was awarded 2nd place at the CSU Research Competition which took place May 4-5, 2018 at Sacramento State. Jazzmyn’s project was titled, “When Adulting Gets Real: Examining Parenthood and Marital Status among Young Adults in Ventura County.” Her research highlights trends and barriers that contemporary young adults face in their transition to traditional markers of adulthood. Jazzmyn will be graduating this spring with a B.A. in Sociology. Luis Sanchez mentored Jazzmyn. She also worked closely with Sohui Lee in the Multiliteracy Center to prepare for the competition. More…

SAGE Student Research Conference 2018

Over 400 students participated in the SAGE Student Research Conference. Awardees received awards designed and hand-crafted by CI art majors mentored by Matt Furmanski. The art students were Daniel Strasswyk, Stepanie Lee, Jess Fowler, Leon Belaustegui, Ana Hughes, Gabrel Allen, & Mike Calvaresi.

SAGE Award Winners

Poster Session A

Steven Sherk, ESRM, “Camarillo Regional Park Mammal Monitoring 2018 – An Assessment of Mammalian Response”

Dana Marquez, Samantha Vandenberg, Psychology, “The Relationship Between Growth Mindset, Self-Compassion and Self-Efficacy”

Oral Session 1

Kristina Urgel, Psychology, Patrisia Saenz, Victoria Colon, Psychology, “Trust the Police? A Study Using Terror Management Theory to Explain Police Relations of People of Color, and the Correlation of Death Thought”

Joanna Rivas, English, Ventura College, “How Does Same Gender Parents Effect School Aged Kids?”

Poster Session B

Shelby Palasik, ESRM, “Evolutionary Persistence of Culture in Food with Cross-cultural Boundaries”

Lex Collette, Computer Science, “Efficiency of Swarm Robotics”

Oral Session 2

Garrick Brazier, Biology, “’It’s Only a Few Degrees’—Emersion, Climate Change, and the Rocky Intertidal”

Kaylen Meeker, Biology, “Using Computational Analysis to Improve Ecological Monitoring in the Intertidal Zone”

Poster Session C

Matthew Wells, ESRM, “Monitoring Sea Cliff Erosion with Drones”

Mark Getzinger and Ethan Warner, Computer Science, “Room Checkmate”

Center for Community Engagement

Amanda Gutierrez, Maria Dela Cruz, Anthropology, “Environmental Knowledge and Sustainable Fashion in Ventura County”

Center for Integrative Studies

Kayla Roberts, Jesus Chaves, Peter Collins, Mathematics, “Ventura County Whole Person Care: Targeting Population Using Cost Analysis”

Center for Multicultural Engagement

Justin Simons, Political Science, “History of the ADA”

Center for International Affairs

Paisley Meir, English, “Musing Possibilities”

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