Meet a SURFer: Christian Morris

Interdisciplinarity is achieved in the IRLC by ensuring that we include students from a variety of disciplines. Strong grounding in a student’s discipline is important. Discussion across disciplines promotes curiosity, inquiry, understanding, and creativity. Meet another surfer: [virtual_slide_box id=”3″] by

Meet a SURFer: Rosalba Rocha

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Students are at the center of our Interdisciplinary Research Learning Community. Meet one of our SURFers and get to know Rosalba Rocha a little better. [virtual_slide_box id=”2″] by

Meet CI’s SURFers

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The Student Research Steering Council is pleased to announce the first group of Student Undergraduate Research Fellows, or SURFers.  Supported with funds from the President and the CI Foundation, we are creating an undergraduate Interdisciplinary Research Learning Community. Our process for identifying the inaugural group for Spring 2015 began with faculty nominations from which we….