Announcing the CI Student Research YouTube Channel

Throughout the semester students in the learning community have worked on explaining their research using short elevator speeches, and slightly longer interview segments. All of the videos as they become available are posted on our YouTube Channel. Click here to visit the channel and see some of the students’ work. by

IRLC Students Describe Their Research

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Developing the ability to communicate in professional settings is an important skill. Often a researcher has only 30-seconds or a minute to explain a complex research topic to another scholar. In the IRLC students are asked to develop a short presentation–an elevator speech–aimed at describing their research to someone familiar with their field. Lisa Clark….

SURFer Catherine Tran on Undergraduate Research

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Many students are  probably intimidated when they hear the word “research.” Catherine Tran explains that she was intimidated too, but she quickly recognized the benefits of learning by engaging in research. Check out her interview. by

CI Projects Selected for the 2015 CSU Student Research Competition

The Student Research Steering Council  selected ten undergraduate research projects to compete in the CSU Student Research Competition. Each campus is allowed to send up to 10 teams to the competition. The 10 projects were selected by an interdisciplinary committee of CI faculty. A total of 17 total entries were received. Students submitted a 5 page research….

CI student is one of 60 chosen nationwide to present research in Washington D.C.

Camarillo, Calif., Feb. 10, 2015— Research she conducted as an undergraduate has earned CSU Channel Islands (CI) graduate student Dana Cochran a coveted spot in the 2015 “Posters on the Hill” event in Washington D.C. “Posters on the Hill” is sponsored each spring by the Council on Undergraduate Research in Washington, D.C. Cochran, 24, is….