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OMEKA Resources

OMEKA is a digital content management system. It preserves your digital data and allows the user to display digital data in a manner meant to help interpret the data. Think about an art museum. In the basement, they may have thousands of paintings and sculptures, but they can only display a fraction of those at any given point. When a curator chooses what to display they usually do so in order to “tell a story” about an artist, a historical period, etc. OMEKA is your basement. Exhibits allow the user to highlight and curate elements of their collection so that viewers can benefit from the interpretive powers of the curator. Visitors to the site can still rummage through your collection, but your exhibits help them “make sense” out of hundreds and thousands of images.

To use OMEKA and WordPress at Channel Islands, you need to have a CIKeys account (you need to be logged into myCI) and establish a domain. You also need to install OMEKA and/or WordPress in the cPanel (control panel). This video walks you through the process of installing OMEKA. Installing WordPress and other platforms available in the cPanel is very similar.

Installing Omeka in CI Keys

Introduction to the Omeka Dashboard

Manual Installation of an Omeka Plugin

Adding an Item in Omeka

Creating a Collection in Omeka (coming soon)

Creating Exhibits in Omeka

Creating a Custom Homepage with a Carousel Viewer (PowerPoint Download)

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