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Research & Conference Travel for CI Students

Student Research Advisory Committee (SRAC) funds student travel related to research. Student travel funds support students attending disciplinary and interdisciplinary conferences. Funds can also be used to fund travel to research sites, training sessions, symposia, and other destinations that will enhance students’ research goals. Travel funds are available to undergraduate and graduate students.

We count on faculty to nominate students for funding. This year we have secured funding from multiple sources to facilitate this activity.

FACULTY can nominate students and their projects for up to $700 to support travel expenses. Nominations are accepted on a rolling basis. Allow at least two weeks to hear about funding from the SRAC.

Please note that State Law prohibits the use of State Funds (including IRA funds) to travel to the states of Kansas, Mississippi, North Carolina, and Tennessee due to their state laws that discriminate against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people.There are some exceptions to this policy. Please refer to the FAQs on the CA Department of Justice for guidance.

Prior to submitting faculty should be aware of the following stipulations:

  • Students may receive up to $700 per year in combined funding (excluding the CSU Student Research Competition and SCCUR);
  • Expenses beyond the maximum are the responsibility of the student and/or the sponsoring program;
  • Students MUST fill out a travel authorization (TA) with their Program Analyst PRIOR to travel; sponsoring faculty are responsible for mentoring students through the TA process. More details are available here;
  • Students are required to submit proof of expenditures and evidence of attendance for reimbursement;
  • Students must provide evidence of their participation (e.g., electronic copy of their research poster, PowerPoint, paper, photos etc.) to SRAC for inclusion in the institutional repository. Students maintain copyright to all material;
  • Students agree to engage in assessment activities associated with this travel funding;
  • All travel must be completed and reimbursed by June 15, 2017;
  • Failure to adhere to these policies may result in funding being delayed or revoked.

If you are ready to submit a proposal on behalf of a student(s), use this Excel Spreadsheet to provide requested information and send the completed sheet to Sean Kelly (sean.kelly@csuci.edu)

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