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CI Resources for Student Researchers

Find a Faculty Mentor

Trying to find a faculty member conducting research in which you might get involved? Discover the research CI faculty are conducting using the faculty accomplishments database:

Get Help Refining your Communication Skills

The Writing and Multiliteracy Center can help with:

  • Writing your research paper
  • Creating a stunning poster
  • Refining your PowerPoint presentation
  • Improving your oral presentation
  • And more! Make an appointment today.

Considering Graduate School?

If you are considering graduate school take advantage of the Graduate Studies Center’s services

Brand You

Create a professional web presence using CIKeys. Let graduate schools and potential employers what you have to offer.

  • Get started here by creating your domain name
  • To install WordPress follow the directions here

Student Research This Week

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Getting Involved

Changing Lives

How is Student Research Different?

Should freshmen engage in research?

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