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SURF Students 2016-2017

A major focus of this cohort is studying the Channel Islands and documenting artifacts related to the Islands, particularly Santa Rosa Island. An expanding repository of material is located at this site created by the SURF students.

SURF students are taking advantage of CIKeys to post their work. The site they create is theirs to use throughout their time at CI. It can be used as a portfolio of work that can be shared with graduate schools, potential employers, family, and friends.

Student CIKeys site e-mail address
Alexandria Calderon  http://www.alexandriacalderon.cikeys.com/ alexandria.calderon326@myci.csuci.edu;
Sandra Castillo  http://castillo16.cikeys.com sandra.castillo668@myci.csuci.edu;
Austin Cauwels http://ancauwels.cikeys.com/ austin.cauwels589@myci.csuci.edu;
Samantha Gonzalez  http://samanthagonzalez.cikeys.com/ samantha.gonzalez086@myci.csuci.edu;
Rodolfo Gutierrez  http://rodolfogutierrez.cikeys.com/ rodolfo.gutierrez225@myci.csuci.edu;
Madison Harden http://madisonharden.cikeys.com madison.harden533@myci.csuci.edu;
Edward Hernandez http://edwardhernandez.cikeys.com edward.hernandez618@myci.csuci.edu;
Zachary Lotshaw http://zacharylotshaw.cikeys.com/ zachary.lotshaw449@myci.csuci.edu;
Kirsten Mach http://kirstenmach.cikeys.com kirsten.mach107@myci.csuci.edu;
Taylor Mendoza  http://taylorrmendozaa.cikeys.com/ taylor.mendoza570@myci.csuci.edu;
Melissa Mercado  http://melissamercado.cikeys.com melissa.mercado825@myci.csuci.edu;
Sarah Parker http://sarahparker.cikeys.com/ sarah.parker875@myci.csuci.edu;
Crystal Vargas http://crystalvargas.cikeys.com/ crystal.vargas482@myci.csuci.edu;
Riley Richman http://rileyrichman.cikeys.com riley.richman292@myci.csuci.edu;
Leslie Sanchez  http://lesliegsanchez.cikeys.com/ leslie.sanchez044@myci.csuci.edu

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