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Opportunities for Student Researchers

Funding for STUDENT travel to conferences: Nominations are open NOW!NACCS_Esmeralda Carretero_April 2015

One of the most important tasks of the SRSC is to help fund student travel to disciplinary and interdisciplinary conferences. We count on faculty to nominate students for funding.

FACULTY can nominate students and their projects for up to $500 to support travel expenses to attend a regional or national conference. Nominations are accepted on a rolling basis. Allow at least two weeks to hear about funding from the SRSC. Read more here…

Interdisciplinary Research Learning Community: Nominations are open NOW!

Last Spring, the Student Research Steering Council (SRSC) conducted the first Interdisciplinary Research Learning Community (IRLC). Seventeen students from across the disciplines met biweekly to engage in professional development activities and build intellectual links across disciplinary boundaries.

Students build marshmallow towers. Discussion focuses on experimentation, failure, and success.

We will repeat the Learning Community this Spring. We seek to create an intentional linkage between the IRLC and our student delegation to the CSU Student Research Competition (SRC). We hope that many of the students chosen for the Learning Community will go on to represent CI at the Research Competition.

We want faculty to nominate students who are conducting research for inclusion in the Spring IRLC. Read more here…

Get Involved: Join SRSC

Our work is accomplished through the volunteer efforts of faculty. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact matt.cook@csuci.edu or kathryn.leonard@csuci.edu to let them know of your interest.

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Student Research Roundtable: September 17th

This week the Student Research Steering Council is sponsoring a roundtable of student researchers. Aimed at current students, the roundtable will focus on students’ research experiences. Student presenters will provide advice about how to get involved in research and how they have benefitted from their research experiences.

  • Date: September 17th
  • Time: 5.45-7.00
  • Place: Anacapa Commons

The objective of the roundtable is to empower students to pursue student research. Among the questions panelists will address are:

  • Is research scary?
  • Have you had notable successes in your research?
  • Have you had notable failures?
  • How did you first get involved?
  • How did you first approach a faculty member to get involved?
  • What’s it like to work with a faculty member?
  • What advice do you have for students who want to get involved in research?
  • What are your future plans?
  • Did research cause you to change your plans?
  • How will research help you as you move to grad school or into the workforce?
  • What do you think Freshman and Sophomore students need to know about research?

Plenty of time will be allowed for audience questions. All students are welcome to attend.

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Highlighting the Impact of Student Research at CI

Student research is integral to the student-centered education we seek to realize at Channel Islands. Studies demonstrate that student research improves retention and raises graduation rates, and helps to close achievement gaps. Student research promotes “deep learning” among students, preparing them with the critical thinking skills needed for success in life and career.

Featuring CI Students, this new video demonstrates the impact of engaging in research on our students.

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Student Research This Week

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