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Announcing the CI Student Research YouTube Channel

Throughout the semester students in the learning community have worked on explaining their research using short elevator speeches, and slightly longer interview segments. All of the videos as they become available are posted on our YouTube Channel. Click here to visit the channel and see some of the students’ work.

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IRLC Students Describe Their Research

Developing the ability to communicate in professional settings is an important skill. Often a researcher has only 30-seconds or a minute to explain a complex research topic to another scholar. In the IRLC students are asked to develop a short presentation–an elevator speech–aimed at describing their research to someone familiar with their field.

Lisa Clark is a Junior and a Political Science major working on understanding the social dynamics that promote, or undermine, bipartisanship in Congress. In this clip she explains her research.

Miguel Velazquez is a Senior and a Nursing student. His research centers on feelings of self-efficacy among Nursing students. In his short speech he describes why self-efficacy is important.


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SURFer Catherine Tran on Undergraduate Research

Many students are  probably intimidated when they hear the word “research.” Catherine Tran explains that she was intimidated too, but she quickly recognized the benefits of learning by engaging in research. Check out her interview.

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CI Projects Selected for the 2015 CSU Student Research Competition

The Student Research Steering Council  selected ten undergraduate research projects to compete in the CSU Student Research Competition. Each campus is allowed to send up to 10 teams to the competition. The 10 projects were selected by an interdisciplinary committee of CI faculty. A total of 17 total entries were received.

Students submitted a 5 page research summary that was evaluated by two anonymous outside faculty reviewers, and the members of the selection committee. Papers were judged based on the quality of the research, and the ability of the author(s) to communicate their work to an interdisciplinary audience.

This year’s competition will be held at CSU San Bernardino, May 1st and 2nd. Students compete based on their written research summary, and an oral presentation to an interdisciplinary panel of judges. Travel for students is supported through funds from the State Lottery, student fees through the Instructionally Related Activities committee, and funding from the CI Foundation.

The 10 projects are:

  • Amanda Dellacort and Ashley Genovese (Business): “MAMMU and Social Business Fashion: Scarves as Symbols of Innovation for Latvian Mothers” Faculty Mentor: Maria Ballesteros-Sola
  • Cameron Embree, Gradon Faulkner, Kevin Scrivnor, and Fred Contrata (Computer Science): “CI Rainbow: An Infrastructure for Environmental and Wildlife Monitoring” Faculty Mentor: Andrzej Bieszczad
  • Gradon Faulkner (Physics) “Optimization of Associative Memory” Faculty Mentor: Geoff Dougherty
  • Shane Kennedy, Joshua Mytych, Katlynn Carter, and Stephanie Soriano (Biology): “Targeting Growth and Invasiveness in Cancer Cells” Faculty Mentor: Nitika Parmar
  • Jiovana Hermosillo (Chemistry): “The Effects of Coacervation on Polyelectrolyte Complexes” Faculty Mentor: Erin Lamb
  • Robert Camin and Lisa Marie Clark (Political Science): “Birds of a Feather: Congressional Foreign Travel and the Decline of Bipartisanship” Faculty Mentor: Sean Kelly
  • Cassandra Ludwig (Sociology): “The Relationship Between Ventura County Commission for Women and Ventura County Board of Supervisors” Faculty Mentor: Matthew Cook
  • Jason Amurao, Cesar Rivera, and Miguel Velazquez (Nursing): “The Effect of Using Mobile Technology for Patient Education on Nursing Student Self-Efficacy” Faculty Mentor: Jaime Hannans
  • Corie Hill and Amber Kramer (Chemistry): “Determination of Total Mercury in the Top Three Consumed Seafood Products in the United States” Faculty Mentor: Simone Aloisio
  • Andrew Carrillo and Grant Crater (Political Science): “You’ve Got to Support the Team: Partisan Fund-Raising and Assignments to the House Appropriations Committee” Faculty Mentor: Sean Kelly

The ad hoc selection committee was composed of volunteers: Matt Cook, Nitika Parmar, Mary McThomas, Luis Sanchez, Cindy Wyels, Jason Miller, Colleen Harris-Keith, Colleen Nevins, and Sean Kelly. Please direct questions about the competition to matthew.cook@csuci.edu.

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